Expressive Arts: Therapy, Consulting, Education
"Finding  Our  Way  Back  Home"

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This list is only a small sampling of solid resources.  Ms. Rancourt, however, has personally been involved with the links listed.  If you have any questions, please email Ms. Rancourt through this website.


The European Graduate School has an internationally eclectic student body seeking graduate degrees in the field of Expressive Arts Therapy, Consulting, and Education to be applied in equally diverse settings, circumstances and populations. 

Experiential education and using one's artmaking to give voice to the Land:

Eco and Nature writing focused:  

Certifications and Credentialing Training

Amherst Writers & Artist in Amherst, MA, USA offers quality training in it's unique writing group facilitation methods. AWA also offers scholarships.  The AWA method transposes readily to other art making modalities aligning naturally with Motivational Interviewing practices.

Center for Deployment Psychology offers quality, competent training, credentialing, and professional CEUs.  CDP is excellent if you are a civilian practitioner who knows little or nothing about military culture and veteran needs.

Organizations serving active duty military, veterans, and their families

Ms. Rancourt is a Peer to Peer mentor for this Saratoga County, NY Chapter.

These next  links are significant in the use of Expressive Arts for Veterans as witness.  These organizations have been the tip of the spear over the last decade in giving voice via multi modalities in the reintegration and healing of PTSd for men and women regardless of the era one served in the military.  These organizations have broke open the field of research for PTSd, MST, TBI, and trauma in general whether military, first responders or survivors of natural disasters.


International Expressive Arts Therapy Association


Artist as Activist

Poets & Writers

Japanese Martial Arts: Aikido and Iaido

Thomas D. Osborn