Expressive Arts: Therapy, Consulting, Education
"Finding  Our  Way  Back  Home"

Suzanne Rancourt was born and raised in the mountains of West Central Maine. Her story is unique in that her rural, woodland upbringing offered her the experiential framework that is now the paradigm from which she draws endless resources. Whether working with artists/ recipients,  survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury, other life altering traumatic events, or people living with disability challenges, Ms. Rancourt has further developed her experiences with formal education, military service, and 30+ years of professional practice. 

Nature has always provided solace and inspiration for Ms. Rancourt as her life, like so many people, has been seasoned with traumatic events, sudden change, career challenges and advocacy.  Having been challenged with her own learning disabilities, head injuries, and domestic violence, Ms. Rancourt is a survivor.  Her experiences bring patience, strength, courage and realism to her multi-modal Expressive Arts Therapeutic practices.  

Ms. Rancourt draws upon her Native American heritage and cultural perspectives as an Artist, counselor and human being. Being “Authentic” is imperative in her approach to life, counseling, and the art making process. Ms. Rancourt will tell you honestly, “The Journey has not been easy, however, never boring.”  - Suzanne S. Rancourt

Ms. Rancourt offers a variety of options for working one on one, in small groups, within your organization or home setting, which ever is most comfortable for the artist/recipient. Ms. Rancourt does conduct workshops and intensives at her residence in rural upstate NY. Fees are established according to each person, group, organization, and skills being sought by the recipient(s.)  

“There is something about being in Nature that allows us to seek at our own pace. This is what I bring into programs, settings and people that may not be able to get out into Nature.”  - Suzanne Rancourt

Ms. Rancourt is fully insured and creates programs to meet your needs. The next step on this Journey is yours.

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